When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home?

When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home?

  • Elise LoSasso
  • 09/14/23

There are a lot of advantages to living in Denver, Colorado. The state capital is home to a thriving local economy, giving residents a wide variety of shops and restaurants to enjoy. It also benefits from the natural beauty of Colorado itself, and to that end, you can find plenty of outdoor activities to take part in. The Denver Botanic Gardens and the Denver Zoo are just a few of the sights to see in this bustling city. But when it comes time to sell a house in Denver, there’s more to consider than just the advantages of the location. Here’s what you need to know about finding the best time to sell your home.

The best time of year to sell a house in the United States

Generally speaking, no matter where you are in the US, you should probably be aiming to sell your house in the spring. Analysis shows that April, May, and June are typically the best months to sell a house and that May specifically will offer you the biggest return. This makes sense, especially in areas where winter is more noticeable. When the season ends and the weather starts warming up, people will be eager to get outside and take part in activities like attending open houses and looking for new places to live. This seasonal impetus won’t be quite as significant in places with warmer temperatures, of course.

The best time to sell a house in Denver

Studies show that when you’re looking for the best time to sell your home in Denver, you can largely follow national trends. Unlike the rest of the country, the most ideal time to sell in Denver might actually be March. Studies have shown that a Denver home sold in March can bring in over $30,000 more than the asking price. The later spring months are still ideal times to sell, but if these numbers hold true, March is the peak.

Selling a house season by season

Selling in the spring

As mentioned before, spring is generally the ideal time to sell a house wherever you are. In most places nationwide, spring offers the finest weather, encouraging people to get out of the house. It also generally symbolizes a fresh start, and many prospective buyers might be motivated to seek that fresh start by looking for a new home. It’s also an ideal time for families, who can secure a house in the spring, move in during the summer, and have their kids situated for the start of the school year in the fall. The natural beauty of the area is also typically at its best in Spring, which can enhance the curb appeal for buyers on the market.

Selling in the summer

With higher temperatures comes lower demand as many potential buyers seek ways to beat the heat instead of buying houses. That said, people who missed their chance to buy in spring will generally be feeling more pressure as inventories dwindle. A competitively priced house will likely field some good offers, but on the whole, you’re likely to see less interest here.

Selling in the fall

Interest generally continues to dwindle as the winter months approach. The real estate industry is generally a seller’s market, meaning there’s more demand than there is supply. With that in mind, it’s not inconceivable that you’ll get offers on your house even in the fall months. But people who are shopping for homes at this time of year will generally be on the lookout for deals, taking advantage of the fact that it’s a slow season for home sales. You might have to bring down the price more than you’d like to get a sale at this time of year.

Selling in the winter

Generally speaking, winter is the worst time to sell a house. Both supply and demand will be low at this time of year. Of course, if you list a house in the winter months, you won’t have a lot of competition for the attention of whatever buyers are in the market. But unless your house is priced very aggressively, most prospective buyers are going to wait for spring and the larger selection of houses on offer. Hosting open houses in the winter will generally cost more than in spring or fall due to the cost of heating each room, which is another thing to factor into your plans.

Are you ready to sell your house?

Seasonal trends are only one part of the puzzle when it comes to figuring out the best time to sell your home. You also need to figure out if it’s the best time for you. Selling a house is a deeply complicated process which can often induce some stress. You need to put a lot of thought into whether you’re ready for that responsibility and take a close look at the circumstances in your life that have led to it. There are numerous lifestyle changes that can lead someone to look for a new house. Maybe you’re raising children and are looking for a good school district. Maybe your children have just moved out, and you’re looking for a smaller home. You should also make sure your house is ready. If there are significant improvements you still need to make, you should definitely take care of those before you start selling, regardless of the time of year.

Taking the right steps

If you know it’s time for you to sell your house, the most important thing to do is reach out to a capable real estate agent. A skilled Realtor like Elise Losasso will have the experience and marketing skills you need to make sure your house sale goes as smoothly as possible. Elise is one of the top 1.5% of realtors nationwide, and she is more than ready to bring that talent to bear in helping you get the best price for your Denver home. If you’re ready to sell and need help choosing the best possible time, give Elise a call.

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