The Top Attractions in Denver For Locals or Tourists

The Top Attractions in Denver For Locals or Tourists

  • Elise LoSasso
  • 09/28/23

In the heart of Colorado lies Denver, a city that is as warm and inviting as its 300 days of sunshine. The Mile High City, as it is fondly referred to, is not just a gateway to the Rocky Mountains but a destination brimming with art, culture, and breathtaking outdoor spaces. Whether you’re a local re-discovering your city or a tourist eager to explore, Denver has a unique charm that beckons all. Let’s guide you through this vibrant city, from its serene gardens to its cosmic planetarium and iconic landmarks.

Denver Botanic Gardens: A natural oasis

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Denver Botanic Gardens is a living museum that houses a stunning variety of plants from around the world. As you walk along the twisting paths, you’re embraced by a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances. Every corner offers a new scene, from tropical greenhouses to sunlit meadows, peaceful Japanese gardens, and vibrant native plant collections. It’s a place where nature and art unite, as the gardens also host sculptures and art installations that blend seamlessly with the flora. Whether you're seeking solace in the quietude of nature or looking for an educational day with family, the Denver Botanic Gardens is a refreshing sanctuary.

Space Odyssey: A journey through the cosmos

Step into Space Odyssey and be prepared to embark on a cosmic journey. Located within the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, this state-of-the-art facility projects the universe in all its vast and awe-inspiring glory. As you move through its exhibits, you’re not merely a spectator but an astronaut exploring the farthest reaches of the galaxy, a time traveler witnessing the birth of a star, or a scientist unraveling the mysteries of black holes. With precision and artistry, the Space Odyssey creates immersive sky shows that ignite curiosity and wonder, inviting both children and adults into the profound depths of our universe.

Denver Millennium Bridge: A pathway to modern elegance

As the world’s first cable-stayed bridge using post-tensioned structural construction, the Denver Millennium Bridge is more than a crossing; it's a statement of architectural brilliance. Linking the Lower Downtown and Riverfront Park neighborhoods, the bridge is a marvel to walk across, offering sweeping views of the cityscape and the serene South Platte River. As you cross, take a moment to admire the sleek and modern design, a symbol of Denver's blend of the old and new.

Denver Zoo: A world of wildlife adventure

From the African savanna to the tropical forests of Asia, the Denver Zoo invites visitors into an expansive world of wildlife. This beloved attraction is more than a zoo — it’s an immersive experience where every exhibit is crafted to resemble the animals’ natural habitats. Watch as elephants bathe in a sprawling pond or as playful sea lions dart through crystal clear waters. The zoo offers interactive and engaging activities for the little ones, making it an educational and utterly delightful day for families.

Union Station: The heartbeat of the city

Union Station is not just a transit hub; it’s the living, beating heart of the city. This historic landmark, with its grand Beaux-Arts façade, has been transformed into a vibrant space that houses boutiques, restaurants, bars, and a luxury hotel. Walking through Union Station, you can feel the pulse of Denver’s rich history while enjoying modern-day luxuries. Whether you are catching a train, grabbing a gourmet meal, or simply people-watching in the Great Hall, Union Station is a microcosm of Denver's warmth and lively spirit.

Denver Art Museum: A canvas of world cultures

Walking into the Denver Art Museum is like stepping into a world where time and space converge into a vivid tapestry of art. With its bold and modern architecture, the museum stands as a beacon of culture and creativity. Inside, each gallery transports you to a different realm, whether it's the intricate brushstrokes of European masters, the vibrant palettes of contemporary artists, or the deep traditions enshrined in Native American art. For art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, the Denver Art Museum is a place of inspiration, where every exhibit invites you to see the world through a new, colorful lens.

Another Gallery: An intimate embrace of art

Nestled in the heart of Denver, Another Gallery is a gem that showcases art with a personal touch. This space is where local and international artists share pieces that are raw, poignant, and deeply resonant. As you walk through, each piece seems to whisper its own intimate story, inviting you closer and encouraging a quiet conversation between the viewer and the art. It’s a sanctuary for those who seek art that speaks to the heart in a setting that feels as welcoming as a friend’s living room.

Molly Brown House Museum: A stroll through history

The Molly Brown House Museum is a window into the life of one of Denver’s most iconic figures, the unsinkable Molly Brown. Walking through this historic home, you can almost hear the echoes of Molly's vibrant spirit. Each room is carefully preserved, showcasing Victorian elegance and narrating tales of activism, philanthropy, and survival. Here, history is not a mere chapter in a book; it's a living, breathing story that unfolds around you, inviting you to experience a pivotal piece of Denver’s past.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science: A voyage of discovery

When you enter the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, you are embarking on a journey that spans from the ancient past to the cutting edge of modern science. Whether you are marveling at towering dinosaur skeletons, gazing at sparkling gems and minerals, or journeying through the stars in the planetarium, this museum ignites a sense of wonder that transcends age. It is a place where questions are celebrated, curiosity is the compass, and every exhibit opens a new door into the marvels of our world and beyond.

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