5 Ways to Search for Your First Home Like a Pro

5 Ways to Search for Your First Home Like a Pro

  • Elise LoSasso
  • 03/6/23

Are you considering buying your first home in the Denver, CO, area? Are you wondering what the best resources to use in finding a home are? As the second best place to live in the country, there are a variety of top-rated homes and neighborhoods in and around Denver, CO. This guide can help you identify the best places to conduct a home search to find your first house quickly.

1. Work with an award-winning real estate agent

Buying a first home can be complicated and stressful, with many things to consider, from must-haves to financing. Every luxury home in the Denver, CO, area is different, whether that is the amenities or the location. Specifically, you need to know what amenities you want on your property. For example, do you need a private deck, a home office, or an entertainment room? Do you want breathtaking views of the majestic Colorado mountains outside your windows? Furthermore, is proximity to shops, restaurants, and other attractions important to you? Finally, it would help if you understand your finances and what price range of homes to search for. For example, the median home price for Centennial homes for sale was $649,827 as of January 2023, and many homes are listed well above that figure. With much to think about, it can help to work with an expert who has helped countless others buy a property in Colorado.

Working with an experienced real estate agent such as Elise Losasso gives you many benefits. For one, real estate agents have incredible localized knowledge of the various neighborhoods in Denver, CO. Whether you wish to live in a secluded gated community or an open area with championship golf courses and amazing mountain views, your real estate agent can guide you toward finding the right one that aligns with your needs. Another way that an award-winning real estate agent can help you is by leveraging their extensive network of connections to connect you with an entire team of experts, such as mortgage lenders, home inspectors, home appraisers, real estate attorneys, and even other realtors. This team of experts will help you with the various components of buying a home.

2. Search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Another important benefit you would gain from working with an award-winning real estate agent is access to the exclusive Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The Multiple Listing Service is a comprehensive and up-to-date database used by many real estate agents to list their homes for sale. Buyers and their agents can browse the Multiple Listing Service to find homes for sale that exist not just within the buyer’s agent’s brokerage but also through other real estate brokerages. Particularly for agents that work with smaller brokerages with a limited number of homes, the Multiple Listing Service becomes an invaluable tool in that it can connect potential buyers with many more homes. Once a home is located, buyers and their agents can schedule a private showing or see if there is an open house. The Multiple Listing Service is the most comprehensive place to search for homes for sale in Centennial, CO, and the surrounding areas!

3. Real estate agent’s website

Another place you can search for homes is your real estate agent’s website. By going to ‘home search’ on your real estate agent’s website, you can search for homes by neighborhood, city, and zip code. You can then browse the listing photos and read the description to determine if the home would be a good fit for you. It can also let you know if the property is available or under contract. In addition, every home listed has an assigned MLS number so that you and your real estate agent can use it to access the contact information for further inquiries on the home. Your real estate agent’s website is the perfect way to begin any initial home search and see what types of homes are available for sale in any given area in Colorado.

4. Don’t forget print advertisements

With the prevalence of the Internet, as many as 97% of home buyers search for a new home using online listings. While searching for a home online can usually achieve excellent results, other options exist. For example, some sellers market their homes via other means, such as print advertisements. You might consider buying the local newspaper to see what homes are listed. Even though many real estate brokerages have abandoned print advertisements, it is still used today as a vital way to market a home. Especially if you are searching for a home in a specific neighborhood, you might be better off buying a local newspaper to see what homes are available rather than perusing through a mile-long list of homes. You can also consider local magazines, which often feature in-depth descriptions of homes for sale in color. By viewing print advertisements, you can make sure that you leave no stone unturned in your quest to find the perfect first home for you!

5. Consider pocket listings

Many homes are found through real estate listing websites, but there are a select few that never get listed at all. These homes are referred to as pocket listings, which prominent or otherwise notable people often use. Pocket listings can be beneficial in that it maintains an air of discretion and confidentiality. Furthermore, it can prevent unwanted gossip from tabloids and the media. It can also keep the seller’s private address confidential so that it is not listed on these public real estate websites. These pocket listings are primarily marketed through word-of-mouth. A homeowner can discreetly sell their home by relying on their real estate agent to convey the information to a select and exclusive group of realtors. If your real estate agent is part of that exclusive group, you might be able to arrange a showing or inquire further about the home.

Want more real estate tips for buyers? Are you interested in buying your first home in the Denver, CO, area? Then, schedule a consultation with award-winning real estate agent Elise LoSasso, who can provide expert guidance on everything from localized neighborhood insights to negotiation tactics. Ranked in the top 1% of buyers’ agents, Elisa can help you find your dream home in the Denver, CO, area!

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